Marketing Strategy.

To get the best out of any marketing investment it makes sense to take the time to give some thought to the current situation you and your business are in; what are the strengths and weaknesses of your tourism product or service offering? What opportunities are there to expand or improve? And what threats exist in the way of competition, the economy, the weather, your location and more.  That in mind consider your goals - who do you want to build market awareness with? What brand impression do you wish to create?, What occupancy rate are you aiming for? And so on. Then you need a plan of action - the product and service improvement programme, marketing activities, timelines and associated costs that will help you achieve your goals within the environment in which you operate.


Delivering the Action plan

At Tambula we have delivered marketing strategies for many organisations across many sectors over decades so we know the drill! We encourage strategic thinking as it always saves time and cost later. We also understand though that you will be keen to see activity and results without too much delay so will always work with you to create a healthy balance between strategy and action with delivery!


From the people we work with

Sharon & team 

“Sharon is working on our strategic marketing plan.  She has identified where we should focus, where the most rapid opportunities for success are and what we can do with marketing to make an impact.”

— Denis Rubalema, Ride 4 a Woman

Extensive marketing expertise

“Sharon and the team at Tambula are experienced marketers.  They know marketing strategy - how to create it and how to execute on it for success.”

— Amanda Weller, The Gorilla Safari Company

We feel blessed to have met Sharon!

“We have ambitious plans here at R4W and feel blessed to have met Sharon.  She has great experience to bring, is overflowing with ideas and has the energy to deliver them.”

— Evelyn Habasa, Ride 4 a Woman


You have to know it and love it to market it

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