Newsletters. Email Campaigns. Paid Advertising

At Tambula we can help develop a full communication activity programme. We design, develop, write and distribute electronic newsletters and build targeted email campaigns directed at your mailing list and target audience - whether they be luxury or budget travellers.

Campaigns are built to drive interaction with you, your brand and your website.  They are designed to encourage recipients to sign up to your latest offer, complete that much needed Tripadvisor review or engage with your Facebook or Instagram feeds.

To really drive traffic to your website and encourage inbound enquiries we all run paid ad campaigns - PPC or Google adwords to place you at the top of Google page 1 when your target customers are searching for an adventure in Uganda.  Paid advertising places you among your core competition, can be turned up or down in terms of investment at any given time and can be applied to niche search terms in line with what really differentiates you.