Our Story


It all started with...

A passion for Africa and being a park ranger! The latter didn't quite come to fruition (yet) but the former stays alight and has led to the creation of Tambula.

Tambula (meaning travel in Luganda) has been set up by Sharon Hedges, Founder & Director of another successful marketing consultancy operating in the UK. With a love of communication (ask anyone who knows her!) Sharon has worked in marketing for over 20 years, building, launching and driving new brands across the UK, Europe and Africa.

Over the last year or so though Sharon has been lucky enough to discover Uganda (figuratively speaking of course). A close friend took on a great role for a gorilla trekking company in the UK, invited Sharon along to share her first trip there and from day one Sharon was hooked.

Uganda, where known, is famed for its mountain gorillas, which are it has to be said an awe-inspiring draw.  BUT and it is a big BUT, this country has so much more to offer and to experience and as yet is little known, understood or loved in the way it should be. It is, in all honesty possibly Africa's best kept secret.

And so here is Tambula.

We are a small UK based marketing team travelling and working regularly in Uganda, with the strategic and tactical, communication, web, social media, business development and PR, skills, expertise and tools needed to help you let the world know exactly what you have to offer visitors to Uganda.

We would love to partner with you and help grow your brand and your business.

Let the adventure begin!